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for creating beautiful modern websites

WordPress Themes and Plugins with bizarre names that work bizarrely well for helping sportsbook affiliates create and manage compelling websites easily and quickly. They provide you with opportunities to customize your website fully to increase the user experience.

Akurai: WP Sports Betting Affiliate Theme

WP Sports Betting Affiliate Theme

Akurai is a versatile WordPress theme for creatingand managing awesome sportsbook affiliate websites

Akurai theme

Kemoku: WP Sportsbook Reviews Plugin

WP Sportsbook Reviews Plugin

Kemoku is a flexible and intuitive WP pluginfor creating compelling sportsbook review pages

Kemoku plugin

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Debugging in WordPress

Debugging in WordPress

If you want to keep track of any errors and warnings that may be happening on your WordPress website keep reading on. This will be a quick guide on how to debug PHP errors, where and how to check the error logs and add some custom logs.

24 Jul 2019 Read More

Updates to Akurai Theme V1.0.6

Updates to Akurai Theme V1.0.6

Today I published a new version of Akurai theme, version 1.0.6. There aren't many changes this time, but there's one that's very important and I wanted to write about it.

16 Jul 2019 Read More

Updates to Akurai Theme V1.0.4

Updates to Akurai Theme V1.0.4

There have been several additions to Akurai Theme and I thought it would be useful to describe them here and give some examples.

24 Jun 2019 Read More

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