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Working solutions for businesses and individuals to help create, manage and promote compelling sports betting and casino affiliate websites easily and quickly.

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Excellent Products for Gambling Affiliates

WordPress Themes and Plugins with bizarre names that work bizarrely well
Check out Kemoku

Kemoku is a flexible and intuitive WP plugin for creating compelling casino and sportsbook review pages

Check out Kemoku

Check out Akurai

Akurai is a versatile WordPress theme for creating and managing successful sportsbook affiliate websites

Check out Akurai

Check out Spinoko

The best casino affiliate theme around: powerful, feature-rich, modern and easy-to-use

Check out Spinoko

Check out Sibet

Football betting odds for major European leagues, more than 200 bookmakers and different markets right in your WordPress dashboard

Check out Sibet

Check out DinOdds

DinOdds lets you display odds comparison tables for major leagues on your website super easily, just a couple of clicks

Check out DinOdds

Check out AkuraiGeo

Add geo targeting features to your listings such as tables and grids, as well as review pages

Check out AkuraiGeo

Web Development Services

Need something more than themes and plugins, something custom and focused to your specific needs? DinoMatic custom web development services may be what you're looking for.

Highly-performant websites that are focused on user experience and exceed clients' expectations.

Let's build websites

PNN provides you with all the tools and features you need to run a successful affiliate business.

Join more than 1000 businesses already growing with DinoMatic

DinoMatic provides you with complete solutions for your affiliate business

Made for everyone

Yes, everyone can use DinoMatic products, no coding skills are required.

Highly Customizable

Products are simple to use, but you can still fully customize them.

Super Fast

Themes and plugins are optimized for speed and better performance.

Detailed Docs

Extensive documentation to guide you through the whole process.

Priority Support

Got a question? Get in touch and get your questions answered quickly.

Regular Updates

Products are regularly updated to keep up with all industry standards.

Embrace WP Blocks

All products have standard WP blocks, with their corresponding shortcodes.


Easily translate themes and plugins without any additional plugins.

RTL Support

DinoMatic themes have RTL support built-in. Spinoko supports TTB as well.

Many have come before you

  • Samuel Akurai
    I'm delighted with the themes from this site! Beautiful, user-friendly, and versatile, they've transformed my website. Plus, the customer support was excellent. Highly recommended!
  • Dal Spinoko
    Excellent theme and support is second to none, there is no better theme out there.
  • Ann Spinoko
    Happy to use Dinomatic theme for building my website. Lots of great features and site layouts. Highly recommended!
  • Dan Spinoko
    Dinomatic templates are the best out there in our opinion.
  • Max Akurai
    Great theme with many options and settings for bookmakers comparison, fast loading and nice design!! Users love it, as well as search engines.
  • Dan Spinoko
    Fantastic-looking templates that we use across all our sites.
  • Nick Dinodds
    Great, easy to use plugin to show sports betting odds. Support has been excellent any time I've had an issue.
  • Ray Monohan Dinodds
    Daily up to date odds have been a nice addition to our website! Thank you!
  • Anton Spinoko
    On of the best casino themes available, this one stands out for its ease of use, lightweight design, and customizability. Additionally, it is well-supported by the author.
  • Dan Spinoko
    After trying other possible providers, Dinomatic stood out as an obvious choice.
  • Joel Kemoku
    Terrific plugin that does everything perfectly as advertised and support from the developer is very prompt. Highly recommend.
  • Dan Spinoko
    As well as being great-looking templates that are easy to customize, the support provided by Levon is super fast and he goes above and beyond to ensure you get the required results.
  • Gavin Akurai
    The best theme on the market for gambling affiliates. Its ready to go and the features have you covered to get away quickly. Great value for money to launch all your ideas!
  • John Spinoko
    Great Casino theme, perfect support
  • Laura K. Spinoko
    Great theme with clean code and awesome support. You can customize everything without code bloat, for better page experience and core web vitals.
  • Vadims Krjuckovs Kemoku
    I have been doing SEO for more than three years! Trying different themes and plugins on different projects. And I think I have found the platinum standard for my next sites. Themes and plugins from DinoMatic fully satisfy my desires in creating sites for the gaming industry in 2024!
  • Mitko Atanassov Spinoko
    Lovely theme, highly customizable, extremely well coded and super fast. The customer support is unmatched compared to anything out there. And if you ever run into an issue, it will be fixed, quickly!
  • Aliev Akurai
    Akurai theme is awesome. It does a perfect job for an affiliate site.
  • Donatas Zimkus Spinoko
    Easy to use theme and amazing support!
  • Michael Murphy Kemoku uses a customized version of Kemoku to organize, list, and display our betting site reviews. The quality of support and willingness to work with us on making the plugin suit our needs has me trusting Dinomatic for key areas of our business related to monetization. Highly recommend the Kemoku sportsbook review plugin, especially to affiliates just getting started.
  • James Akurai
    Akurai is a great Wordpress theme with lots of features, cool design and most importantly: it loads very fast!
  • Dan Spinoko
    For bingo, sports, and casinos you will not find better templates online.
  • Neytrino Spinoko
    It is better theme that all we used. The support and UI/UX is perfect. We plan to buy another products from Dinomatic in future. Strong recomended!
  • Allan Spinoko
    Spinoko is a very easy to use Wordpress theme. The support is A+ and I love the updates! Keep them coming.

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