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Kemoku WP Sportsbook Reviews Plugin

Kemoku is a flexible and intuitive WP plugin for creating compelling casino and sportsbook review pages

It's easy to use, fully customizable and integrates smoothly with any theme

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Wondering how it works? Check out the demo websites.

Demo Havana Demo Manila


Click on the image to open a larger version and see an example review page built with Kemoku blocks

Beautiful Review Pages

Set up and the plugin start creating review pages in a couple of minutes. Create the page, write your content, add some review properties and you're done, the sections will auto-populate themselves.

You can enable and disable certain sections of review pages, as well as change their styles and layouts. Besides that you can add blocks or shortcodes to make your sportsbook pages more appealing and provide better experience to your website users.

Smooth Integration with Any Theme

Kemoku WP Review plugin is developed in a way that it lets you integrate its functionality with your current theme seamlessly. It also has no conflicts with other plugins.

Another important thing is that even if you change your theme for some reason you don't lose any data, neither you have to start it from scratch. You may need to adjust some design settings and you're good to go.

Responsive Listings: Tables and Grids

After creating your review pages you'll most probably need to create other pages on your website and list the reviews there, all of them or in some cases only some of them. Kemoku WP Review plugin provides you with nice and responsive table and grid shortcodes.

Tables and grids adopt really well to any theme, wrapping information into rows when there's no space left.

Kemoku WP Reviews Plugin

Choosing reviews

You can choose reviews manually to display them on tables and grids, or you can filter them by review categories and/or tags. You can order them by different parameters such as page ID, date, rating, etc. and display only a portion of all available reviews.

Kemoku WP Reviews Plugin

Overwrite values

In some cases you may want to display a different bonus on listings, not the same one you use on review pages. Kemoku listings have the option to overwrite not only bonus value, but you can also set a custom affiliate link to be used on that listing only.

Kemoku WP Reviews Plugin

Filters and sorting

In listing block settings you can enable filtering and sorting options so that your website users can use those tools to find what they're looking for. Listings can be filtered by many parameters and can be customized to fit your website needs better.

Kemoku WP Reviews Plugin

Terms and conditions

There are several options for displaying terms and conditions on listing blocks. You can exclude them entirely if the regulations allow that, you can display them as links or use terms in popups or simply lay them out on tables/grids with other fields.

Kemoku Blocks

Reviews Table A listing of reviews in a table format with different options
Reviews Grid A listing of reviews in a grid format with different options
Review CTA A call-to-action block with review data with overwriting option
Review Info A list of main properties such as name, website, license, etc.
Review Ratings A list of different ratings displayed with rating stars
Review Pros & Cons A two-column grid of the pros and cons with colored icons
Review Currencies A list of supported currencies displayed with symbols
Review Countries A list of supported countries displayed with icons
Review US States A list of supported US states displayed on a map
Review Payments A list of supported payment methods displayed with icons
Review Services A list of supported services displayed with a CTA section

NEW Reviews Table Displaying Payment Options


More Features

Clean & Unique Design

Predefined Color Themes

Fully Customizable

Optimized for Speed

Built SEO in Mind

Unbelievably Easy to Use

Standard WP Blocks

Shortcodes & Generators

Sportsbook Widgets

Review Structured Data

CTA Sections

Customizable Review Slug

Tables, Grids, CTAs

Review Page Blocks

Multiple Ratings

Check out other features and how to use them in our demos.

Kemoku is a simple-to-use plugin with lots of advanced functionalities

Get priority support and new feature updates | It's easily extendable with minimal coding skills

Make it your own


Customize the plugin to fit your website

It's really easy to make customizations.

Kemoku gives you all the options you need to customize the front-end of the plugin to fit your website design and layouts. You can change all its styles including colors, sizes, as well as any text string included in the plugin. Just visit the settings page and make the necessary changes.


Take it to the next level, change anything you want

Yes, I mean it, change anything you want.

Kemoku is built in a way that allows you to customize mostly everything without much hassle. The plugin provides hooks and filters for almost anything you may want to change. You can easily change the contents of tables and grids, just find the filter you need and update it the way you want.

Kemoku Dashboard

Despite having advanced functionalities and tons fo customization options, Kemoku is quite easy to use. The plugin has its settings page where you can customize everything to better fit your website.

Want to check out the WP dashboard, try Kemoku with a theme of your choice or have any questions? Get in touch ✉️

wp-sportsbook-review-plugin uses a customized version of Kemoku to organize, list, and display our betting site reviews. The quality of support and willingness to work with us on making the plugin suit our needs has me trusting Dinomatic for key areas of our business related to monetization. Highly recommend the Kemoku sportsbook review plugin, especially to affiliates just getting started.

Michael Murphy -

Take your affiliate business to the next level with excellent products from DinoMatic

Kemoku Yearly

Yearly Renewals 99.99

Unlimited usage Use it for however long you want Unlimited websites Use it on as many websites as you want 1 year of Regular updates Get regular updates in your WP dashboard 1 year of Priority support Get super fast and helpful support for any questions you may have

Kemoku LifeTime

One Time Payment 359.00

Unlimited usage Use it for however long you want Unlimited websites Use it on as many websites as you want Lifetime Regular updates Get regular updates in your WP dashboard Lifetime Priority support Get super fast and helpful support for any questions you may have

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Save more with bundles

Current version 1.6.5, view changelog.

WP version   - min required 6.0, recommended - 6.5
PHP version - min required 7.4, compatible up to 8.3


Bundles containing Kemoku Plugin

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1 Theme & 1 Plugin

Get Theme + Plugin deal and save €30

€159.00 €189.98

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