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Spinoko Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme

The best casino affiliate theme around: powerful, feature-rich, modern and easy-to-use

Spinoko helps you start and manage a successful affiliate business

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Wondering how it works? Check out the demo websites.

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Click on the image to open a larger version and see an example review page built with Kemoku blocks

Modern Casino Review Websites

Spinoko is the casino affiliate theme you've been waiting for: powerful, feature-rich, modern and easy-to-use.

A unique WordPress theme with a lot of features that make it stand out among others. Some highlights are its super-duper fast loading, modern and beautiful design, plenty of customization options, etc.

It has all the options and tools you need to run a successful casino affiliate website. You get AMP support, rich snippets, multilingual and translation support, a lot of blocks and templates and much more out of the box.

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FAST Blazing Fast 🚀

Spinoko is optimized for speed and the result's as expected. Top scores without using any caching. Not only doesn't it slow down your website, but also gives you the options to make it even faster.

100% Mobile Friendly

Mobile internet usage is growing every passing day, so it's no surprise we need to build mobile-friendly websites. Spinoko is 100% responsive and looks great on all screen sizes.

SEO Friendly

Spinoko was developed SEO in mind so that you can be sure there aren't any surprises along the way. Just install your preferred SEO plugin and start optimizing your website.

AMP Support

You said it was important, so Spinoko now comes with AMP Support built-in making sure your website isn't super fast only on desktop but on mobile devices as well with slower connections.

Casino Tables

2 Styles

Different Terms Layouts



Easy to configure

More Theme Blocks

Spinoko comes with a lot of built-in blocks that you can use to present information in a structured way and increase the conversion rate. There are casino-specific ones such as tables, ratings, etc. as well as generic blocks such as recent posts, FAQs, etc.

Casino Grids

Casino listing in grid layout
2, 3 or 4 columns, different contents

Featured Casino

A single casino
2 different styles

Recent Posts

Recent posts listing
3 different styles


FAQ block
Schema markup, multiple layouts

Page Links

Page Links block
3-column grid of page links

Show More/Less

Show More/Less block
4 different layouts

Casino CTA

Casino CTA block
* For casino review pages

Casino Ratings

Casino rating stars
* For casino review pages

Casino Games

Casino games listing
* For casino review pages

Casino Countries

Listing of supported countries
* For casino review pages

Casino Payments

Casino payments methods
* For casino review pages

Casino Info

Info & Pros & Cons block
* For casino review pages

Please note there are no shortcodes, only (Gutenberg) blocks. You need the latest versions of WP and PHP for Spinoko. Check the requirements below.

Game Reviews NEW

slot-games slot-games slot-games

Spinoko makes it really simple for you to create slot game review pages. Games are as important as casinos themselves, so game reviews are their own custom post type, you can create as many games as you need, and they will be separate from general posts or pages.

To create a game review page, you can visit "Slot Games" section and add a new game. As usual you need to add the page title and content, as well as new "Game Fields" section to fill in game-specific information such as it's name, software, image, etc.

Game review pages come CTA Blocks built-in. In "Game Fields" you select a main casino and 3 more casinos (the main one can be among the other 3). Based on casinos selected there will be a link to casino page on top of the page and a table consisting of 3 casinos at the end of the page.

There are 2 game page templates available, the default template, where the information is presented in separate boxes, and cover template, where the layout is changed and the whole section has a darker background. Check out the screenshots on the left.

To list game reviews on a different page, you can use the "Games Grid" block which let's you display either all of your games or some selected ones.

Theme Customizations

Set all theme settings and customize its options in native WordPress Customizer with live changes.


There are 21 carefully chosen colors and shades. You can set your own or use the defaults.


Define theme global styles, and they will affect almost all aspects of the website.


Choose from more than 30 Google and system fonts and see which one best suits your website content.

Review Options

Define review page details such as page layout elements, hero styles, terms and conditions, etc.

Page Options

Define different options and styles for different types of pages such as category, tag, author, etc.


Set strings such as button anchor texts, headings and subheadings, etc. all in one convenient place.

Check out all customization options in documentation.


Terms & Conditions

Stay compliant with regulations and display terms where and how you need, or disable them globally.

Schema Markup

Schema markup for casino ratings and FAQs are included in the theme.

Spinoko Casino Widget

Besides standard WordPress widgets you can add Spinoko Casino Widget to footer widget area.

Translation & Multilingual Ready

Is your website in another language? Is it multilingual? No problem, Spinoko is ready.

RTL Language Support

100% support for RTL languages such as Arabic and Persian. No weird paddings and margins.


The theme is fully accessible for screen readers and other assistive technologies.

Modern Clean Design

Clean and modern design, carefully selected colors and shades, unique layout structure.

Easy to use

Easy-to-use and intuitive, like other DinoMatic products, nothing complicated.

Continuous Updates

Get theme updates, including new gradient, in your dashboard regularly. No FTP-ing anymore.

Extensive Docs

Detailed documentation on every feature the theme offers, theme customizations and more.

Priority Support

Your support tickets are answered as soon as possible, usually within minutes.

Navigation Menus

By default Spinoko comes with 2 nav menus: the hamburger menu in the header and an optional footer menu. And you can add another full navigation menu to the site header if you want by just checking a box in Customizer - Miscellaneous Options.




Unlimited usage Unlimited websites Priority support Regular updates


What you get

When you buy a theme, it's yours forever, and you can use it on as many websites as you wish*. You get updates and support for the next 12 months.

After 12 months you can still use the theme, however you won't get support or any new feature and security updates, unless you renew your subscription.

Want to renew your theme? €69.99 €89.99 You can do it in your your account.

- All prices are in Euros and exclude VAT, local taxes may apply. * Terms apply. You cannot resell or redistribute the theme.

Current version 2.4.0, view changelog.

* Min required WordPress version - 5.0, recommended - 6.3
* Min required PHP version - 7.4

Bundles containing Spinoko Theme

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- All prices are in Euros and exclude VAT, local taxes may apply.