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AkuraiGeo - Geo Targeting Plugin for Akurai Theme

Add geo targeting features to your listings such as tables and grids, as well as review pages

Easy-to-use and feature-rich plugin with advanced functionalities

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The Perfect Geo Targeting Solution for Akurai

One plugin to manage all geo location related functionalities.

AkuraiGeo is designed for Akurai theme and the integration is seamless. After installing the plugin, you would work as if it was all included in the theme, nothing unfamiliar, no setup required, no need for a huge page of options. Just activate the plugin and start using it right away.

Add geo targeted review listings such as regular or extended tables, grids, lists. Add free content that's available to certain countries only. Add location based messages on review pages, etc.

Your website must be using Akurai Theme
for AkuraiGeo plugin to work.

How it works

AkuraiGeo uses a different approach for geo-location detection. Instead of getting an IP address and looking it up in a database to get the user's country, this plugin just uses an already available request header value that returns the user's country code directly.

Speed - As you can imagine, doing an IP lookup on every request can be less efficient than having the data already there and just using it. With AkuraiGeo your pages will be as fast as they are.

Privacy - This approach not only makes it way faster than other options, it's also very privacy-friendly. No IP information is gathered or saved anywhere, as the plugin simply doesn't have it.

Cloudflare - Country/geo location information is provided by Cloudflare, so no need to update any database or anything, you can be 100% sure the geo location data is as accurate as it gets.

Your website traffic must be routed through Cloudflare
for AkuraiGeo plugin to work.

Easy to use geo location plugin with lots of features

Regular updates and priority support

Native WP Blocks

Unlike other plugins, AkuraiGeo offers you native WP Blocks instead of shortcodes to use its geo targeting functionalities. No more using the awkward opening and closing square brackets that mess up the whole content editor and the editing experience. Simply add the block, add your content and select countries and you're done.

Geo Content Block

If you want to add content specific to a country or several countries, in blocks selector simply find the "Geo Content Block", add it to your editor, write your content in a rich-text editor and select countries you want to enable this content for. You can also upload media inside your geo targeted content.

Geo Listings Block

Besides free content, you may want to display different listings to users from different countries. Add the "Geo Listing Block", select reviews for every country you want to display the listing for, also default reviews that will be displayed to users from not targeted countries. Then choose the listing type (table, grid, list) and you're done.

Review Geo Message

On review pages you can display a message stating whether visitor's country is supported or not by the reviewed company. Find and add "Review Geo Message" block to your editor and choose the message styling. Some of the styles include a bonus text and affiliate link as well. You can also overwrite default message texts.

Using a Caching Plugin?

It is well known that there are many issues when using a geo targeting and caching solutions together. For some time people would exclude whole pages from cache in order for geo targeting to work. Or some parts of pages were excluded which was more efficient but rather difficult or even impossible to do from WordPress dashboard. Fortunately, you don't have to do any of that.

No problem!

AkuraiGeo can be used with any caching plugin without any configuration, it simply works. The page loads from cache, and only after that geo targeted content is downloaded and displayed. Also there's a nice loading animation before it's rendered on the page. This is achieved using AJAX requests. Pages are as fast as before and everyone sees what they're supposed to see.

Target Countries

When using a geo location plugin, you may want to target specific countries, and in most cases the number of those countries is from a few to a dozen. In order to make it easier to work with it, AkuraiGeo plugin offers you to select those countries in advance and all your blocks and other geo options are based on those countries.

Country-Specific Affiliate Links

Once you have selected your target countries in plugin options page, you can then add different affiliate links for those countries for each of your reviews. Those fields are available on review pages, right below "Review Fields". You can fill them out and these values will be used in your geo targeted blocks, otherwise, the default ones will be used.

You can only use AkuraiGeo Plugin with Akurai theme, it doesn't work with other themes.

AkuraiGeo Plugin requires your website traffic to be routed through Cloudflare.

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AkuraiGeo Yearly

Yearly Renewals 39.99

Unlimited usage Use it for however long you want Unlimited websites Use it on as many websites as you want 1 year of Regular updates Get regular updates in your WP dashboard 1 year of Priority support Get super fast and helpful support for any questions you may have

AkuraiGeo LifeTime

One Time Payment 189.00

Unlimited usage Use it for however long you want Unlimited websites Use it on as many websites as you want Lifetime Regular updates Get regular updates in your WP dashboard Lifetime Priority support Get super fast and helpful support for any questions you may have

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Current version 1.2.0, view changelog.

WP version   - min required 6.0, recommended - 6.5
PHP version - min required 7.4, compatible up to 8.3


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