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Akurai WP Sports Betting Affiliate Theme

Akurai is a versatile WordPress theme for creating and managing awesome sportsbook affiliate websites

It's unique and modern and makes your website stand out among others

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Compelling Review Pages

Install the theme through your WordPress dashboard, activate using your license key to get continuous updates and new features and you're good to start creating your sportsbook review pages.

You can customize your reviews pages the way you want using review page properties as well as multiple blocks and shortcodes specifically developed for reviews such as Ratings, Pros & Cons, Sportsbook Info, Sportsbook Offers, Banking in your review page content. Moreover, you can use the same shortcodes in your Review Page Sidebar to give the pages even better user experience.

Optimized for Speed

Slow websites are harmful to our health. ™
Akurai is fast itself and gives you the tools to keep it fast, too. All theme blocks and shortcodes are optimized for super fast page loading.

Built SEO in Mind

Even dinosaurs know how important it is today to have a good SEO strategy, so the theme is built so that you can get the most out of your SEO efforts. In addition to that, you get ratings structured data markup out of the box.

AMP Support

Akurai now comes with built-in AMP support (since v2.0). To get all the benefits of AMP pages, all you need to do is install official AMP plugin for WP and activate it, no other configuration is required.

Native WP Customizer

Looking for Theme options in your WordPress dashboard? Well, no need for that, all of theme customizations happen in native WordPress Customizer interface where you'll find a lot of custom options.

100% Mobile Friendly

Akurai provides you with a lot of elements to structure your website layout and all of them are perfectly mobile-friendly. Use your shortcodes and blocks wherever you want and they are all responsive.

Page Templates

Akurai comes with different page templates such as Left Sidebar, No sidebar, as well as Hero templates that allow you adding a Hero section with different layouts at the top of the pages and have tons of customization options.

Blocks, Blocks, Blocks

Akurai provides you with more than a dozen custom built-in blocks and shortcodes, use them to make your pages look great and increase the user experience of your website visitors.

Blocks or Shortcodes

In case you still use WordPress version less than 5.0, you can use corresponding shortcodes instead. However it is strongly recommended to update your WP to the latest version.

Note that not all blocks have their corresponding shortcodes, check the documentations for details.

Akurai WP Blocks
Akurai WP Blocks

Main Blocks

  • Reviews Tables
  • Reviews Grids
  • Reviews Offers
  • Reviews Lists
  • Recent Posts
  • Sliders
  • Lazy Image
  • Link Groups
  • FAQs

Review Blocks

  • Review Info
  • Review Ratings
  • Review Pros & Cons
  • Review Offers
  • Review Banking
  • Review Bonus List

To see what they look like in editor and front end, check out the docs pages: main blocks || review blocks

Akurai is a versatile WP Theme with a lot of great features and useful functionalities

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Review Page Slug

The default review page slug is set to review as that seems to be what most users prefer to use. You're free to change it to any other value.

Sportsbook Widgets

There are 2 types of sportsbook widgets built into the theme. One is for displaying a listing of sportsbooks and the other for displaying a single one.

Translation Ready & RTL Support

Akurai is translation and multilingual ready, and comes with 100% RTL support. You can use it for any website in any language available.

Clean Design

Akurai WP Theme by default has a clean and modern design and it gives you the options to modify and make it look exactly the way you want.

Extensive Docs

Akurai has a lot of functionalities and options and to make it easier for you to use them there are regularly updated documentations for every feature.


Out of the box Akurai includes breadcrumbs and their structured data markup. You can enable them and customize the options. markups

Akurai includes markups for review ratings, breadcrumbs and FAQ blocks for better search results and higher click through rates.

Terms & Conditions

Multiple ways to display terms and conditions of bonuses to make your website complaint to necessary rules and regulations.

Automatic Updates

Akurai updates are baked into the theme, you will receive them in your WordPress dashboard as soon as they are available. 🤚 bye, FTP!

Edit Content like a Pro

It's very easy to create and edit pages, posts and reviews in Akurai. You just need to fill in field values and use built-in blocks to structure your content.

Akurai Dashboard Screenshots

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wp-sportsbook-review-theme wp-sportsbook-review-theme wp-sportsbook-review-theme



Unlimited websites

Unlimited usage

Priority support for 12 months

Updates for 12 months

Yearly renewals



Unlimited websites

Unlimited usage

Priority support forever

Updates forever

No renewals



When you buy the 'Yearly' package, the theme is yours forever, including all current features and the ones coming during the next 12 months.

Also you get priority support for all the issues you may have.

After 12 months you can still keep using the theme, however you won't get support or any new feature and security updates, unless you renew your subscription.

When you buy the 'LifeTime' package, you get all the features for a one-time purchase fee without any renewals.

* All prices are in Euros and include VAT.

Unlimited Usage

You can use the theme on as many websites as you wish, there is no limitation on how many domains you can use it on - you get one license key for all your installs. And this applies to both packages. * Terms apply. You cannot resell the theme.

* Min required WordPress version 4.8, recommended 5.8
* Min required PHP version: 5.6, recommended 8.*

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