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WordPress Plugins for sports betting affiliate websites

DinoMatic offers solutions to sports betting affiliate website owners who prefer spending time managing their businesses and leaving the repetitive and sometimes difficult and time-consuming tasks to plugins. Find below easy-to-use and highly customizable WordPress plugins to integrate in your websites.


WP Sportsbook Reviews Plugin

Kemoku is a flexible and intuitive WP plugin for creating compelling casino and sportsbook review pages

Check out Kemoku →


Betting Odds Plugin

DinOdds lets you display odds comparison tables for major leagues on your website super easily, just a couple of clicks

Check out DinOdds →


WP Link Cloaking Plugin

Nonaki lets you manage your affiliate links easily, create new redirects or edit existing ones

Check out Nonaki →

Buy in Bundles, Pay Less

1 Theme & 1 Plugin

Get Theme + Plugin deal and save €30! Products: Akurai, Kemoku

€159.00 €189.98

1 Theme & 1 Plugin

Get Theme + Plugin deal and save €30! Products: Spinoko, Kemoku

€159.00 €189.98

2 Themes & 1 Plugin

Get 2 Themes and 1 Plugin and save €50! Products: Akurai, Spinoko, Kemoku

€229.00 €279.97

- All prices are in Euros and exclude VAT, local taxes may apply.

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