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Hello Cookie WP Cookie Plugin

Display a cookie notice bar on your WordPress website pages with Hello Cookie

Simple & Lightweight WP Cookie Consent Plugin

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Hello Cookie ✋🍪

Hello Cookie is a simple and lightweight plugin for displaying cookie consent bars at the top of your WordPress website.

You can adjust the settings of the plugin and set the consent text content, button and link texts and URL, etc.

You can also customize the colors of the bar itself, as well as the font color, button and link colors, set the bar position as well as whether to display the contents at the center, left or right or spread across the bar.

Geo limit - you can limit displaying cookie notice bar to EU countries only.

It's really lightweight, 1KB total assets.

And it's really simple, you can just install and use it with default settings.

... and it's free!

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Check it out on Sikika demo

Hello Cookie Plugin Screenshots




Check out the plugin on Sikika theme demo website

Hello Cookie is completely free

* Min required WordPress version - 5.0, recommended - 6.1
* Min required PHP version - 7.4

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