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Nonaki WP Link Cloaking Plugin

Nonaki lets you manage your affiliate links easily, create new redirects or edit existing ones

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Manage Affiliate Links Easily

Nonaki gives WordPress site owners the tools to create and manage affiliate links without any hassle. It is a simple plugin letting you create redirects in your WordPress dashboard and use them in your website.

The only thing to do before using the plugin is to set up a redirect slug for your affiliate links, which you can skip if the default `links` value is good for you. If not, just type whatever you need and simply click 'Save'.

Once that's done, you can create new affiliate links in a matter of seconds and use them in your posts.

It's that simple. Check out the screenshots below.

... and it's free!

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Nonaki Plugin Screenshots




Nonaki is completely free

* Min required WordPress version - 5.0, recommended - 6.1
* Min required PHP version - 7.4

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