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DinoMatic Bundles

Buy in Bundles, Pay less

Bundles allow you to purchase the same products and pay less. For a 2-product bundle you save €30 and for a 3-product bundle you save €50. Check the bundles below and select the one that fits your needs the best.

You get the same benefits such as unlimited usage on unlimited websites*, priority support, regular updates, etc. as you would get for separate products, just for a cheaper price.

Bundles are not "products" themselves, you will need to renew the products in a bundle separately if you decide so.

Akurai & Geo

Get Akurai Theme with Geo Plugin and Save €20! Products: Akurai, AkuraiGeo

€109.00 €129.98

2 Themes

Get 2 Premium Themes and save €30! Products: Akurai, Spinoko

€149.00 €179.98

1 Theme & 1 Plugin

Get Theme + Plugin deal and save €30! Products: Akurai, Kemoku

€159.00 €189.98

1 Theme & 1 Plugin

Get Theme + Plugin deal and save €30! Products: Spinoko, Kemoku

€159.00 €189.98

2 Themes & 1 Plugin

Get 2 Themes and 1 Plugin and save €50! Products: Akurai, Spinoko, Kemoku

€229.00 €279.97

- All prices are in Euros and exclude VAT, local taxes may apply. * Terms apply. You cannot resell or redistribute the products.

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