This update introduces a new way to display sportsbook terms and conditions on your website - popups.

Before this update you could display the terms and conditions in 4 ways:

  1. full text
  2. a link to an external page
  3. not display terms at all
  4. display a short notice

Now there's a new option - a popover or popup.


On table and grid blocks

To enable the popover/popup option on listing blocks, such as tables and grids, disable the toggles for "Exclude Terms & Conditions" and "Display Terms as a Link" and enable "Display Terms in a Popup" toggle.

On review page hero sections

To use the popup terms on review page hero section, choose "Terms Popup" for "Hero Terms Type" field in Hero section of plugin settings.

On widgets

To use the terms in a popover, simply choose "Popup" option for "Terms" field.