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DinoMatic Pro: PNN

Working solutions for successful gambling affiliate businesses PNN is a part of new DinoMatic Pro services to offer you custom high-performant sports betting affiliate websites to help you take your business to the next level.
PNN saves you a lot of time and money every year. Learn how

Everything you need Run your business confidently

PNN provides you with all the tools and features you need to run an affiliate business. It's a complete solution for gambling affiliate businesses built completely from scratch to be the best affiliate dashboard around.

You don't need to install anything or even think about it, just log in and manage your content. Everything just works so that you can concentrate on what matters.

* PNN is not a WordPress theme or plugin, it has nothing to do with WordPress.


Bookmakers and bonuses

In PNN, bookmakers are separate from bonuses. They are different entities connected to each other. You create your bookmakers, then you can add as many bonuses to them as you want, no limits.

Bookmaker reviews

Bookmaker reviews are separate as well. Once you're done with your data-heavy part of adding bookmakers and bonuses, you can move on to writing reviews and using that information on review pages.


Content: Posts and Pages

I know, you still want to publish general posts and pages. No problem, creating posts and pages, as well as categories and tags, is as simple as everything else in PNN.

Affiliate link redirects

Easily cloak your affiliate links by creating redirects, for bookmakers, bonuses or anything else you want.

SEO fields

Add unique titles and descriptions to any page, or simply copy from page title and excerpt with a single click.

Shortcode generators

Stay compliant with regulations and display terms where and how you need, or disable them globally.

Powerful content editor

The good old TinyMCE editor with tons of formatting options, Simple, familiar and responsive.

User accounts

All your colleagues can join you. Create and manage users, edit their details, etc.

Easy media management

Every media type has its own directory, upload to replace, no unused stuff.

Built-in Kanban board

To help you organize your tasks better, your new dashboard has a nice built-in Kanban board.

Light and dark themes

Your dashboard supports dark and light themes, as well as different colors options.

Usable on mobile

On the go? No problem. Your dashboard is responsive, and it can be used on any screen, including mobile.

Simplicity in its core

It is really simple to use. Everything is divided into tiny modules, and there's nothing complicated.

Many other useful features

Everything you need to manage and grow your affiliate website easily and without hassle.

PNN: the dashboard you want to log into

Start and grow your affiliate business using battle-tested solutions by DinoMatic


The front-end

  • You can choose a ready design from currently available options
  • You can have a new design made for you by DinoMatic
  • You can also bring your own design to use with PNN

Unique Design. Whichever option you choose, you're guaranteed to get a unique website with clean design

Beautiful reviews. User-friendly review pages with lots of shortcodes and CTA sections

Super fast. Super-duper fast! Only top scores on all page speed testing tools, and you don't need to do anything for that

Image Optimization. All your uploaded images are optimized automatically so that you don't have to even think about it

Schema markup. The ratings schema markup is included; your review page descriptions will have small stars on search engine result pages

Easy built-in caching. Every aspect of the website can be cached, and they are automatically. You can clear the cache for each part separately

Perfect accessibility. PNN websites are completely accessible, all pages, both the front-end and the dashboard

Shortcodes. Generate and use a variety of shortcodes not only on review pages, but on any other post or page

Terms & Conditions. Terms and conditions are just a click away, hidden in a tiny popup, waiting to be displayed

Cookie bar. A simple cookie notice bar to notify your visitors about cookie use on your website

Get Started Now
Currently available designs: PNN #1

Pricing plans for businesses of all sizes

Choose the option that best suits your business needs. You can always add more features and functionalities to your website.


PNN Cookie

The essentials to get you started and have excellent results.

starting at €4,000 €5,000

  • Super fast pages
  • Responsive design
  • SEO-friendly website
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Helpful and timely support
  • Automatic database backups


PNN Pancake

The perfect solution for your business with custom design.

starting at €8,000 €10,000

  • Custom design
  • Super fast pages
  • Responsive design
  • SEO-friendly website
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Helpful and timely support
  • Automatic database backups


PNN Cake

Your business, your own design, your own features.

starting at €12,000 €15,000

  • Your own design
  • Your own features
  • Super fast pages
  • Responsive design
  • SEO-friendly website
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Helpful and timely support
  • Automatic database backups
- All prices are in Euros and exclude VAT, local taxes may apply.
- All packages are intended for a single website, for multiple domains, please get in touch
- All packages include server setup and website deployment service

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