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Sikika WordPress Theme

Sikika is a simple and clean WordPress theme

It's been developed to be used with Kemoku Plugin

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Sikika + Kemoku = 🔥

Sikika was developed to give Kemoku plugin users a nice option for creating their websites. The goal for this theme is to keep it simple and minimal so that you can manage the functionality of the website with the plugin.

That being said, Sikika still has a lot of customization options which you can use to change the look and feel of your website to your likings. And though the idea was to develop it for use with Kemoku, it can still be used as a standalone theme for any purpuse.

Built-in AMP Support

Sikika comes with built-im AMP support. All you have to do is just install the official AMP plugin for WordPress. To check the AMP functionality, simply append ?amp to the page URL.

Super Fast

Slow websites are harmful to our health. ™
NB: Theme assets all together are just 22KB.
Less than 6KB gzipped.

Mobile Friendly

Every passing day the amount of mobile transatcions on the web grows, so we better build mobile-friendly or even mobile-first websites. So, we did!

Customization Options

Though Sikika is described as a simple WordPress theme, it has quite a lot of options for you to customize, including colors, backgrounds and more.

More Features

SEO Friendly

Multiple Page Templates

Multiple Sidebars

Lazy Image Loading

Advertising Banners

Custom Google Fonts

Additional Kemoku Styles

Sikika WP Theme Screenshots

wp-sportsbook-theme wp-sportsbook-theme

wp-sportsbook-theme wp-sportsbook-theme wp-sportsbook-theme

Sikika is completely free

* Min required WordPress version - 5.0, recommended - 6.1
* Min required PHP version - 7.4

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