This is a quick start guide, and it's quite outdated, please find the detailed documentation here.

Getting Started

Kemoku is a WordPress plugin developed mostly for sportsbook affiliate websites. It gives opportunities to manage and promote sportsbook reviews easily.

Before getting started make sure you have all the requirements met.

To use the theme, you must be running WordPress 4.8 or higher and PHP 7.4 or higher.
Recommended versions are WordPress 6.1 and PHP 7.4.

Also make sure your host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress and PHP max_upload_size is more than 2MB.

Installing the plugin

  1. Download the plugin from your account
  2. Upload the plugin .zip file through WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin

Adding the License Key

After activating the plugin you’ll be prompted with a notice to add your license key.

  1. In Plugin Setup page enter the license key you got from your DinoMatic account
  2. Click Save
  3. A message confirming the plugin license key activation will appear

Setting the reviews page slug

On the same plugin setup page you can set up your reviews pages slug. Enter the the slug you need and click save to set it.

At this point you’re all set up to start using the plugin.

Creating Review Pages

In your WordPress dashboard you will find a new menu called Sportsbooks right below the Pages menu link. Click Add New to add a new sportsbook review.

Besides adding your review title and content as usual, you’ll find Sportsbook Review Fields section below page content. Here you can define properties for each review. The fields are in separate sections and have descriptions to make it easy for you to fill them in. To see what they look like you can check one of the demos available here.

Plugin Options

To customise the plugin options visit Sportsbooks -> Settings in your WordPress Dashboard where you can define all plugin options.


There are multiple blocks available for you to use in your pages and posts. There are 2 groups of blocks:

  • ones you can use in all pages
  • ones you can use in review pages

Kemoku Blocks

Blocks that you can use on all pages are Reviews Tables and Grids. Simply add the blocks, select reviews you want to display, choose the settings and they are ready.

Review Page Blocks

These are blocks that display specific information about the sportsbook/review such as General Information, Ratings, Pros and Cons, CTA.


The same functionality that blocks offer can be achieved with shortcodes. If for some reason you're not using blocks, you can easily use shortcodes instead. One instance of using shortcodes would be displaying them in sidebar widgets where blocks are not available yet.

There’s a shortcode generator to make it easier adding shortcodes to your pages. Simply visit Sportsbooks -> Shortcodes in your WordPress dashboard, choose the shortcode you want to add and adjust the necessary options. Copy and paste the generated shortcode where you need.


Kemoku comes with a sportsbook widget which can be used to display information about the selected sportsbook in sidebar widgets, as well as in footer area if your theme has one. Simply add the Sportsbook Widget to the widget area of your choice, select the sportsbook from a dropdown list add an optional widget heading and save it.

Note: If you have a separate sidebar for Kemoku review pages you can use shortcodes available in review pages in widgets as well. The shortcodes are:

[sb_info] [sb_pros_cons] [sb_ratings]

Our own Sikika theme offers this option to customize the review pages easily, you can check out the demos to see what it looks like. Sikika Theme | Sikika Demos


If you have any questions or issues regarding the plugin, please get in touch.