There have been quite some updates recently so I decided to combine them all into a small blog post. Please check them out below and update your themes and plugins to the latest versions.

Spinoko: New Casino Affiliate Theme Launched


I published a new casino affiliate theme with some nice features and modern elegant design. I also have some other great ideas for this theme, so stay tuned.

Spinoko Theme | Spinoko Demo

Akurai version 1.1.5

Here's what's been changed:

  • Add option to add "Review Link" to "Akurai Single Review Widget"
  • Add option to link "Review Logo" to review page, or affiliate website by default in "Akurai Reviews Widget"
  • Other minor improvements

Akurai Theme | Akurai Demo

Kemoku version 1.0.6

Here's what's been changed:

  • Add new option "Hero Layout" to enable displaying review hero sections in 1 or 2 columns
  • Enable changing Review page slug at any time (before it was possible on activation only)
  • Change the label "Sportsbook" to "Review"
  • Add new option to add rel="noreferrer" attribute value to outgoing affiliate links
  • Small changes in admin dashboard

Kemoku Plugin | Kemoku Demo

Nonaki version 1.0.3

Here's what's been changed:

  • Add option to search/filter redirects list
  • Add option to add "noreferrer" value for link "rel" attributes
  • Dashboard interface improvements
  • Other minor changes

Nonaki Plugin

Hello Cookie version 1.0.2

Here's what's been changed:

  • Add option to limit displaying cookie notice bar to EU/UK countries only
  • Other minor improvements

Hello Cookie Plugin