In general, Spinoko theme has a little less options than other products such as Akurai or Kemoku. And by "less options" I mean just the number of options/fields you can change. However, the ones that exist give you quite a lot of room for customization. Here are some small tips and options that were added to the theme, and you may or may not know about them.

Casino logos

There are 2 logo images for each casino:

  1. regular logo, obligatory to upload
  2. square logo, optional to upload , though recommended

The regular logo is used on casino review pages at the top part, as well as some of table designs, featured casino and casino CTA blocks and casino widgets. On the rest of the blocks and places the square logo is used (if it's uploaded, otherwise it falls back to the regular one).

As it gets increasingly important to have image width and height attributes on image tags, I added 2 new fields to Customizer -> Review Options section where you can specify your logo image sizes: Casino logo image sizes (width x height) and Casino square logo image sizes (width x height). Once those fields are filled in, those values will be used as width and height attributes.

This helps a lot with keeping the page layout while its parts are still being loaded and prevents from having large layout shifts that may cause CLS issues (page speed insights).

Always try to upload images with the same size for all casinos, and if you can, get the recommended sizes.


Have you tried using system fonts? Choose "System Fonts" in Customizer -> Fonts -> Font family, and your website makes one request less every time a user loads a page. This may seem nothing, but it is one of the most frequent "render blocking" resources. Just give it a try for a day or two, you may really like how it looks and feels, and you may never go back to other fonts.

By the way, there's no way for you to add a custom font or use a Google font outside of the selected ones in Font family field. Is it something you'd want to be able to change? Let me know. If enough users are interested, I'll include an option for that.

Footer navigation menu

Do you think you don't need a footer menu but you have to create one and assign it to your Footer location simply because if you don't, all your pages are visible there? Just create a new navigation menu, don't add any pages to it - leave it empty, save it and assign it to your Footer navigation. There will no longer be a menu there.

Current Year in Copyright

Did you know in Customizer -> Strings -> Footer -> Footer copyright text, you can have {year} instead of hard coding the actual year (such as 2021) and it will automatically be replaced with the current year? Now you do.

Blog Posts & Pagination

You can customize your blog page, as well as category, tag, date, etc. archive pages using options in Customizer -> Page Options -> Archive Pages. There you can select a cover template for your archive pages, select how each posts should be displayed, pagination with page numbers or links, etc. Just check it out.

There you go, 5 small tips. Also, kind of related to this, Spinoko has a lot of hooks and filters that allow changing or adding stuff on your own. This generally requires some coding knowledge, however, I put together several "How to..." small guides to help with common modifications.