Here's what's new in the latest 2.5.9 version of Spinoko theme.

New Casino Bonuses Block


This block lets you display different bonuses in a beautiful and organized way. For each bonus you can add a unique affiliate link or leave the field blank to use the default casino affiliate link instead. You can also specify 2 features or terms for each bonus in the list, in the example I added minimum deposit and rollover requirements.

You have 2 options for terms - popover and link, as well as an option to display the bonuses without terms. Furthermore, you can also display the casino logo instead of the bonus/gift icon.

Text Section in Footer

Before this release the theme footer consisted of widgets, a nav menu, gambling logos and the copyright text. Now you can add a full text section between the widgets and the nav menu. You can use HTML tags to format its content.


Other changes

There's an updated GambleAware logo, as you can see on the screenshot above. This release also includes a lot of minor update and improvements.

Check out the demo websites: Ottawa, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur