This is a quick start guide, and it's quite outdated, please find the detailed documentation here.

Getting Started

Nonaki gives WordPress site owners the tools to create and manage affiliate links without any hassle. It is a simple plugin letting you create redirects in your WordPress dashboard and use them in your website.

Before getting started make sure you have all the requirements met.

To use the theme, you must be running WordPress 4.8 or higher and PHP 5.6 or higher.
Recommended versions are WordPress 5.1 and PHP 7.

Also make sure your host has the minimum requirements to run WordPress and PHP max_upload_size is more than 2MB.

Installing the plugin

  1. Download the plugin from your account
  2. Upload the plugin .zip file through WordPress dashboard
  3. Activate the plugin

Using the Plugin

You can access all plugin options and links/redirects through your WordPress dashboard by visiting 🔗Nonaki Links page.

Setting the Redirect Slug

The only thing to do before using the plugin is to set up a redirect slug for your affiliate links, which you can skip if the default links value is good for you. If not, just type whatever you need and simply click "Save".

Creating Redirects

Creating new redirect is quite straight-forward, you just add the redirect key and the destination URL. While typing the key and the URL will see the preview to be able to double check and add the new redirect.

Managing Redirects

You can find all your redirect links listed right below the Add New Redirect section. Here you can edit the link URL, remove it or generate link tags to use in your website content.

To copy link URLs and Tags, click on the green link icon, adjust options in the popup window and click the copy icon to copy the URL/Tag.


If you have any questions or issues regarding the plugin, please get in touch.