A new version of Kemoku, v1.6.5, with a new table block, is available now.

The new table block displays payment options information along with usual bonus data, logo, etc. This is what it looks like on the demo website:


A couple of notes:

The table design is completely customizable, here's how.

The labels "Payout Speed, Deposits and Withdrawals, No Core required" are new. You need to visit the plugin settings page and update them, otherwise they will be missing from the new table.

There are 2 new fields in "Review Fields" when editing a review page that you need to fill in order to use the new table layout:

  • payout speed in Payments and Currencies
  • feature (displayed below rating) in Details

If there's a bonus code, the icon next to it will copy the code to the clipboard.

You can choose to display terms as a notice (default), as a link or as a popup.

Here are 2 demo pages containing the new table: Havana and Manila. As you can see, the table takes up quite a lot of space, but you can easily change the column widths to fit them to narrower content areas like this.