Quick update about Kemoku, some exciting new features and even more coming up later this year.

Until the latest version, Kemoku shipped without a single line of JavaScript on the front-end, only static review pages and listings such as tables and grids. That was a good choice, and the plugin proved to be very valuable just like that.

One of the reasons I never included any JavaScript code is that my goal has been to keep the plugin as neutral as possible. That's given the users a chance to integrate it with their existing themes and other plugins smoothly and so that review pages and listings generated by this plugin don't feel foreign with a completely different design.

However, some great functionalities definitely require JavaScript to provide interactivity and dynamic results. So, now we use JavaScript which allows us to filter listings, sort them, load more reviews. These were the most requested features so far, and I'm very happy to finally ship them with the plugin while still keeping its neutral design and provide many customization options.

Here's what it looks like and how it works - https://demos.dinomatic.com/havana/listing-tools/.

Another important improvement is that the plugin has been completely rewritten giving you more customization opportunities using WP hooks and filters.

Check out the demo website and documentation for more details.

This version - 1.5.8 - is already published, and you can already download it. Many more exciting updates will follow including new listing and review page designs.

Stay tuned.