Perhaps the most important feature of any affiliate website is the option to display listings such as tables and grids. Listings are the best way to display structured information about the companies you review. They in most cases include the company logo and name, the bonuses they offer and their terms, as well as some advantages or outstanding features of the company. And most importantly, they always have a link either to the company website or to the review page.

Akurai theme has 4 types of listings and you can use any of them on your web pages. These are the available types:

  • Tables
  • Extended tables
  • Grids
  • Lists

This is what a typical table may look like on a website using Akurai, there are different options to customize the tables such as how to display the bonus terms, ratings stars, adjust its design elements such as colors and sizes, etc.



Since Akurai version 2.3 you can add filters to listings, it will give an option to your website visitors to filter the listing based on several features such as ratings, offers, licenses, payment methods, supported countries, etc.



The traditional way of displaying reviews is to add a block (or shortcode) to your page content and choosing the reviews manually. For Akurai Table block it looked like this:


And this would be the equivalent shortcode syntax:

[table source="manual" reviews="18, 23, 34, 45" terms="ajax" filters="true"]

Since Akurai version 2.4 you can automate the selection of reviews by querying them by category and/or tag, and limiting the number of reviews to show. This gives you great options to automate your listings, you can add a table with a category and forget about it, all your future reviews will be included in it without you having to adjust the table block.


This would be the equivalent shortcode syntax:

[table source="tax" cat="1" tag="12" ppp="8" terms="ajax-hover" filters="true"]

AkuraiGeo Listings

You can use the same options in AkuraiGeo Listings block, check out the docs page about it here.

Here at DinoMatic, my aim is to make things as easy as possible for users meanwhile offering the most powerful features. If you have any questions or feedback about listings, please feel free to get in touch.