I'm very thrilled to announce a big update - Akurai version 3 - it's packed with a ton of new stuff including design refresh making it more modern and elegant. Besides that there are lots of internal changes and improvements that make it even faster that it was before. Here's a brief summary of some of the changes in this update.

New blocks

There are 2 new blocks, new table design - Table Flex which you can see below. It has a nice and clean design and displays more information about each review by toggling the details on and off.


The second new block is called "Review Finder" and it is a, well, review finder. You type letters and it shows you reviews with names containing those letters. You can see it in this demo.

New page template

There's a new page template which I called Banner template, and it looks very nice. It's completely customizable, all the contents, colors, sizes, etc. Here's a screenshot.


Besides the Banner Template, Hero and Hero Full Screen templates also have been improved. Check out all the templates in this demo.

Review pages

Some changes to review page blocks - before there were several blocks that just displayed information about the review. Those were the info, pros and cons, banking blocks. These are nice ways to display information, but there was no action there. Now you have an option to append a link with your affiliate URL at the bottom of those block.

When editing review pages, there are new fields to add different affiliate links for different offers such as casino, poker, etc. Currently they are used only on the review offer blocks, but I plan to integrate them into tables and grids as well so that you can have different tables with different affiliate links.

There's a banner template for review pages as well, it uses a wide layout at the top of the page with a background color of your choosing, displays a lot of important information about the review above the fold.


Posts also got a new layout to display a nice and informative section on top of post pages. It even shows a reading time, and you can choose to display a sidebar on single post pages or not.

All of these changes and more are available on demos, check them out here and here and here.